I’m Kris, founder and owner of Wondering Ginge. 

Honestly, I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I’m married to my 8 out of 10 (he’d get 10/10 if he ironed his own work shirt) and have two beautiful children.

Broken Hill, in Outback NSW, is our home. Some would consider it “middle of nowhere” and sure, on a map it is! But to us it’s a community FILLED with Australian spirit that celebrates the good times and the town’s vibrant history like no other, and rallies together when times are tough. We just love it! 

I made the leap into opening my own business when several chain stores in town started to close down, leaving us with limited choice and availability for all things kids. With our closest town a 6-hour round trip away and knowing I wasn't alone in the realities of being a time-poor Mum (#mumlife), I thought it was time to bring the families of Broken Hill—and other remote area via our online store—something they needed, and so Wondering Ginge came to be.

My goal is to stock a variety of products that are on trend, practical and not your standard labels and designs found in chain stores. It's also important to me to provide a variety of designs so we are not all wearing the same thing, we are not Minions! (I remember taking my son to a birthday party and 3 kids were in the same outfit. First world problem I know right!)

So, why the name Wondering Ginge?

If the photo didn’t give it away, I’m a true blue red head with the personality to match, hence the GINGE. I’m constantly WONDERING what life will bring next for me and my little family. I find it exciting to think about all of the adventures we have ahead of us, while reminiscing those we have already ticked off the bucket list.


Go on, live your best life